We have all heard of some silly and funny laws in some states, some are so silly they are not even enforced. For Instance, according to dailymeal.com confetti in Alabama is illegal, in Delaware, there is no Halloween on Sunday,

Illinois says no fancy bike riding, and in Indiana, convenience and drug stores are not allowed to sell cold beer for carry-out. However, if it's not cooled or on ice, it can be sold legally. Crazy huh?

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So here is the scoop,  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just vetoed a bill that would let up on restrictions on feeding birds in places where deer and elk hang out.

Here Is What The Governor is Claiming

She claimed the bill interferes with state efforts to keep certain animals from congregating and spreading chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Farm Bureau does not like the bill.

I guess feeding birds is not illegal. But it is, however, illegal to put out food that can be appetizing to deer.

Republican State Rep. Ken Borton’s bill would have explicitly allowed people to place or spread feed within 300 feet from their house. He issued a statement Friday, saying Mary Poppins would be disappointed.Gov. Whitmer’s veto of my bipartisan legislation flies in the face of common sense, making criminals out of Michigan residents who feed the birds,” Borton said. “Feeding animals is a great way to experience nature.

What Do You Think?

This is kind of catch 22 and can see both sides. Truthfully we probably have bigger things to worry about. I do not like seeing any living thing go hungry and I do like birds, especially hummingbirds.  What is your take?

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