MSU Football had a tough weekend in Nebraska. They sustained their first loss to the Cornhuskers, 39-38.

This has been a very wild season.

This team has been top rated all year. But now they find themselves between a rock in a hard place. MSU football has dropped to #14 in the A.P. poll. This puts State in a very tight situation.

Mark Dantonio's football team has to win the rest of their games including the Big Ten Championship in Indy. That means this weekend's contest versus Maryland, then the biggest game of year at Ohio State. Not a lot of people and media members feel MSU can defeat Thee Ohio State. If MSU wants to get to the final four playoff spots they have to win out. They will need an enormous effort. Can this happen? We will have to see for ourselves.

MSU has only one loss and many people think they're overrated. It is really an unfortunate situation because for years MSU football was just manure. That's it! So when this coach has won a lot of football games he is a target for severe criticism, but that goes with the job. It smells, but it is what it is. This team ended up #3 and #5 in back to back this seasons and have been top rated all season.

Fans want it all. This is the bottom line.