This weekend could be a very intense, wild, out-of-control weekend.

Why? How? If the Michigan State Spartan football team can somehow find a way to beat "Thee" Ohio State Buckeyes this Saturday afternoon.

This game will be one the largest games in the country. MSU needs a win to stay on track for a possible playoff bid.

Now, we all know in the past MSU has had a propensity of getting out of a hand. Most of these people who have caused trouble and chaos aren't even MSU students. These past issues have been mostly located in the Cedar Village area. Many fires, bottles broken and mayhem came about. If MSU wins this could happen again.

I really feel that MSU will have to play an almost perfect game to beat the Buckeyes. But in sports when you think something is a lock it's not. The Spartans are an overwhelming underdog on the road. Their quarterback may not be 100 percent too.

So let's review. MSU versus OSU at 3:30 p.m. toe-to-leather. If MSU pulls off the upset look out. Because fans near and far could get a little chaotic. My guess if State wins, all law enforcement in the area will be on point for some problems to occur.

No matter what happens in the game, be responsible!