Tigers season is almost over and while they won't be in the playoffs, one of their stars is nominated for the annual Roberto Clemente Award.

According to Major League Baseball,  Miguel Cabrera is the Tigers nominee for the annual Roberto Clemente Award.  In tribute to the Hall Of Fame great, the award is given to a player who represents Clemente's community and philanthropic activities along with positive contributions on and off the field.

Each Major League team has a nominee with Cabrera as the Tigers nominee.   Jon Lester is the nominee for the Cubs and Tim Anderson is nominated for the White Sox.

The nominees are set to be recognized on September 18th which will be the 18th annual  Roberto Clemente Day in Major League Baseball.

The overall winner will be selected by a panel that includes MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred and Vera Clemente and representatives from MLB networks.

Fans can vote until September 29th for the winner here.  The fan vote will count towards one vote as part of the panel.

Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina won the award last season.

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