Dressed fully in the classic orange prison jumpsuit, Larry Nassar sat in 55th District Court in Mason as another victim, revealed the details of a "massage" Nassar offered her when she was 11.

According to Emily Lawler of mLive.com, a "teen and former gymnast" testified today that Nassar "touched her labia majora, clitoris and the inside of her vagina" during an appointment meant to treat her heel. Nassar reportedly waited until her dad had left the room to engage in the penetration.

Other former patients testified that Nassar engaged in a range of unorthodox practices to treat their injuries. These included the use of "myofascial release, a manual manipulation of connective tissue sometimes used inter-vaginally" and "kinesio-tape" in private areas. One witness also testified Nassar did not seek consent from her or her mother before conducting the penetration.

Preliminary hearings began on May 12 for Nassar, who faces 15 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges if taken to trial. Combined with charges spread between Eaton County and federal child pornography charges, Nassar potentially faces trial for over 22 crimes.

The charges facing Nassar correspond with longstanding issues with oversight in the gymnastics community. On Tuesday, Dominique Moceanu of the 1996 Olympic USA Gymnastics team, joined the Mad Dog Show to add insight into the circumstances that led to this situation facing Nassar and other gymnastics officials.

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