The MSU hoop game has been cancelled versus Virginia tonight in Virginia. It was going to be a 9:15 tip. The Virginia Cavaliers have Coronavirus issues. The game could be made up at a later date.

Every facet of life has been affected by Coronavirus. This includes the business world, political world, entertainment world, sports world and everyone’s everyday world.

There have been multiple games in all facets of the sports world that have been cancelled or rescheduled because of COVID-19. To be real, almost too many to write about.

There have been hundreds of athletes, entertainers and political figures that have gotten sick with the virus. Of course, the general population too. But you already know that. I feel like a broken record talking about Coronavirus. This Pandemic has killed thousands of people around the world. But you already know that!

This Pandemic has closed thousands of businesses down. This Pandemic has turned our world upside down. But the vaccine was distributed the other day in the UK. People are sick of the masks, sick of the social distancing, sick of political people calling the shots. But this is the way of life right now and we have to adhere to it. Please don’t fight it and understand this a temporary situation.

Sure, nothing will be the same again. But the vaccine will stop a lot of this intensity. So if you’re going to complain about it, remember people have lost their lives because of this virus. Stay healthy and don’t buck the rules.

I know I will never forget the word COVID. Everyone just hang in there!

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