ESPN college football and NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay missed the network's coverage of the Draft this year because he contracted the coronavirus just before the broadcast went on the air.

He told ESPN colleague Adam Schefter on Schefter's podcast earlier this week that he was "in a dark place" not only because of his absence from the airwaves, but because he hadn't seen his two children for more than a month.

McShay says he is fully recovered from the coronavirus after spending time in the hospital, and he told Adam that he couldn't wait to see his kids.

From Schefter's podcast:

I'm gonna run down and probably plow over people in front of me and pick (his kids) up at same time if I can do it, I'm gonna squeeze those kids so hard when I see them. Hug my wife (Lauren) and hold on tight. .... I had two physical pictures of my children (in the hospital). One of my daughter and one of my son. When I'd wake up in a dark place, I'd look at them and it'd inspire me to keep going and keep fighting.

It is unclear when McShay will resume his on-air duties at ESPN.  The 43 year old has been at ESPN since since 2006.

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