Travis Haney is at it again.

"Who?" you are probably asking.

Haney is a college football "expert" for ESPN's Insider, a special subscription-based service. You may recall him rating MSU as a fourth-tier football program last month, or him writing after National Signing Day that MSU was trending down despite back-to-back Top 5 finishes.

On Wednesday, Haney released his ranking of the most overpaid coaches in college football, and--surprise, surprise--he has MSU's Mark Dantonio at No. 8 on that list.

Haney's reasoning is that Dantonio made $5.64 million last season, which was the second most in all of college football behind only Alabama's Nick Saban ($6.95 million). Haney says Dantonio doesn't deserve to be compensated near Saban's level as the latter has four national championships and the former only one outright Big Ten championship.

I guess Michigan State posting four double-digit-win seasons in the past five years doesn't matter to Haney, or the back-to-back Top 5 finishes (something Urban Meyer has never done, either at Ohio State or Florida, and something mighty Michigan hasn't done since well before color television).

Haney also fails to take into account that Dantonio's base salary is $3.64 million per year, which would put him outside of the top 13 paid coaches in college football. Dantonio was awarded a one-time $2 million retention bonus in January that boosted his total pay up over $5 million.

But what good are facts?

Regardless of what Travis Haney has to say, Michigan State fans are likely unanimous in agreeing that Dantonio is worth every cent he gets, considering he took a program in shambles, that had wandered the desert for four decades, and returned it to national prominence.