If you remember last year Eastern Michigan University came out and said they were cutting some sports to make up for their budget shortfall. But after a few court cases and a suit brought on by student-athletes it looks like some of those sports cut will be brought back this fall

According to the Detroit Free Press, a judge ruled on Tuesday that Eastern Michigan must hire a softball coach by April 1 for next season. Along with doing that they must also start competition for women's tennis next season. In addition, if they can't bring back women's tennis then the school must use the funds that would've been allocated for this season of tennis to help with the program's recruiting and scholarships. These two sports were cut last year and a lawsuit has been working on getting them back since June, and it looks like it worked.

Eastern Michigan was going to bring in women's lacrosse for this season to make up for the two sports cut. The reason was mostly cause it was a cheaper sport and also the school will be within the Title IX agreement, but this lawsuit stopped that from happening. There will surely be more on this as running a Division 1 sports program is a big project and costs a lot of money, but you can see more about it here.

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