Thanksgiving is about enjoying time with your loved ones. However, sometimes things don't go as planned. Maybe, you overcooked the turkey or undercooked it. Maybe, you have a different political stance then a majority of your family and the night ended in a battle royal. That actually happened with my family a few years ago. There was a difference of opinion and it ended in a screaming match. Hey, it happens. I'm sure we all have some interesting stories.

Zippia released a map of what each state googled last Thanksgiving. I'll tell ya what, some of these searches don't surprise me.

Here's some of my favorite google searches..

Let's start off with Michigan. We were googling how to treat food poisoning. I don't know if it's because we put someone new in charge of cooking the turkey or what. Maybe it's because we said our favorite side dish was green bean casserole. Whatever the reason, here's to hoping that this Thanksgiving is better then the last.

Michiganders should've followed Arizona and North Dakota on this one, it could've saved some of us from hugging the toilet seat. Arizona spent last Thanksgiving googling if Little Caesars was open and North Dakota was searching for Taco Bell near them.

I'll tell you where we're not spending Thanksgiving, Tennessee. They're bound to give us food poisoning because they were googling whether or not you could cook a turkey in the microwave. BIG yikes.

Rhode Island was either having a great time and ran out of liquor or needed more to deal with their loved ones. They were trying to find liquor stores that were open near them.

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