On a senior day Saturday in the Breslin Center that featured a 15 point win and shooting percentage in the sixties for the green and white it seemed like nothing could go wrong for the Spartans.

Take the day Alvin Ellis III had for example, 2-2 shooting from the field for five points in just six minutes, that's as efficient as it gets. What doesn't show up on the stat sheet is getting into your opponents head as Ellis appeared to do during the contest.

That's Ohio State center Daniel Giddons appearing to flip the bird to Ellis after he celebrated his three point basket by fake firing an arrow at the Ohio State bench.

Give Giddons some credit for looking down the bench to make sure his coaches or any other officials didn't catch his gesture, he couldn't avoid the glare of the camera eye though.

With a convincing win to finish the regular season, Michigan State has earned a double bye in the Big Ten tournament as they can finish no lower than fourth after defeating Ohio State.