UPDATE: The deal went through with a successful vote, click here for the details.

Eastern High School could be sold by the Lansing School District on Thursday as the Board of Education will vote to sell the building to the Sparrow Hospital Association.

Eastern has been an established school in the mid-Michigan area since 1901. It operates as one of three traditional high schools along with Everett and J.W. Sexton high in Lansing.

From the Lansing State Journal's report on the matter: "Board members voted in September to give Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul  the authority to negotiate with Sparrow for the sale of Eastern High School and adjacent land."

The proposed transaction would see the land sold for a total in the ball park of two and a half million dollars according to the LSJ.

Should the sale go through the school district would be allowed to operate the building for five more years while students are transferred to another building.

The Lansing School District in a statement said: "We look forward to the Board’s vote... and [the] next steps if they approve Sparrow’s proposal to purchase the Eastern High School property."

The Board of education meets at 6:30 on Thursday to discuss and vote on the potential sale. For more details on the meeting and the transaction click here.