For the first time since he arrived at Michigan State, Mark Dantonio and the Spartans will not be attending a bowl game.

All hope was officially dispelled when the Spartans picked up their 8th loss of the season at home to Ohio State last Saturday. Ever the forward thinker, Mark Dantonio tries to find silver linings in this season.

"I think it's something maybe this program needs right now, we need to take a hard look at ourselves, our personnel, everything about us and we'll work through all the different parameters of it, recruiting starts on Monday" Dantonio said.

No bowl game to play for means no bowl practices and that's a lot of lost experience for a group as young as this season's Spartans. Even in that point Dantonio found his silver lining.

With the offseason on the horizon there is still one more game to play on Saturday. Penn State has hopes of playing in the Big Ten championship game and needs to get through Michigan State and have Ohio State beat Michigan to represent the East Division.

Among the game plan notes for this week is who will start at quarterback? As the merry-go-round of quarterbacks has gone all season it still has not stopped in this the final week.

Damion Terry is one of the QB's who will be at Michigan State next spring as it stands, while Tyler O'Connor has one game left as a Michigan State Spartan, but has led admirably according to Dantonio throughout the season.

The worst losing streak in over three decades and no bowl game for Dantonio for the first time at Michigan State is enough of a nightmare for any Spartan fan to want the end of the season right?

Needless to say Dantonio knows the fatigue that has set in to his football program after an exhausting 11 straight weeks of competition. It would appear like that scenario is unlikely to repeat itself in 2017.

The Michigan State Spartans look to close out their 2016 season with a road win against Penn State on Saturday. Catch all the action on your home for Spartan sports Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ and Lansing's Big Talker 1240 WJIM.