Better safe than sorry seems to be mantra for the Pac-12 as they look to bounce back from false positive results that cost three Stanford players an opportunity to play versus Oregon this past Saturday.

The Pac-12 released this statement on the issue

“Upon return to campus, Stanford, in communication with the Pac-12 COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee, administered a daily PCR diagnostic testing cadence that has consistently show that the student-athlete does not have COVID-19 and is thus cleared to resume practice and competition. The Pac-12 medical group has reviewed and supports the decision. We apologize to the Stanford football team and its supporters, and especially to the student-athletes who were held out of the game as a result of the testing protocol errors. We are working with our game day testing partner to ensure this type of error does not occur in the future.”

This only complicates things as Herm Edwards (head coach for Arizona) and other players tested positive resulting in a canceled game against the University of California, in addition to the Utah-UCLA cancellation.

However, the PAC-12 is fighting back. By taking the two COVID- free teams (Cal and UCLA) and pairing them up on short notice for a Sunday game.

As the season rolls along COVID-19 has unfortunately stricken virtually every conference with Maryland and Ohio State being canceled, and a plethora of SEC games being postponed.

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