Well, the defending Division 3 state champion DeWitt Panthers got off to a rollicking start on Thursday night at the Big House (Michigan Stadium, pictured above).

They used a high-powered offense to take down Division 2 state semifinalist Traverse City Central 47-27 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Thursday night.

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They were led, as usual, by their all-state QB Tyler Holtz.  He threw for almost 400 yards (392 actually) and six touchdowns in his senior year debut.  Four of those TD's were caught by receiver Bryce Kurncz, and he's not even their best receiver!  BTW, Tommy McIntosh and Trent Brandell caught the other ones.

The best part, if you're a DeWitt fan, is that that's not all the players they have on offense.  Bryce Debri and Nick Flegler are potent as well on the ground and in the air.

If they continue, this could go down as the greatest offensive unit that has EVER played here in Mid-Michigan in high school football (Notice I said "If They continue").

On the negative side, there was some sloppiness with nearly 10 penalties.  And they had around 10 instances where they had only 10 guys on the field and had to rush an 11th man out there or call a timeout to prevent a penalty.  Head Coach Rob Zimmerman and his staff will need to clean that up before they play Portland (next week) and East Lansing (the following week).

The defense will need to get better too.  But they played a really good team in T.C. Central (who never quit and nearly made the 4th quarter REALLY interesting), give them some credit too.

But that offense, man is it impressive.  And while they have lots of excellent players, Tyler Holtz makes them go.  Holtz is headed to Brown University next year (An Ivy League education...very strong).  it wouldn't shock me if he started there as a freshman next season.

A long way to go, but a terrific start for DeWitt in their defense of the state title.

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