A classicly trained actor, 5 shots of whiskey, and a Shakespearean play. What could possibly go wrong? Or, more accurately, what could go right?

The Drunk Shakespeare Society certainly offers a unique way to experience live entertainment. Operating in both New York City and Chicago, the shows always take place in a hidden location. The one in Chicago is apparently in a library's speakeasy:

Now, not everyone performing in the show is intoxicated. In fact, that's part of the chaos. According to their website, five classically trained actors all come together for the show while only one of them takes the 5 shots of whiskey. The sober actors are then left with trying to keep the show on track as the intoxicated actor leads the way.

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For example, here are a couple of the actors in a scene calling for a duel. Except, they have replaced the sword fighting...with a dance-off:

It's safe to say that you'll never see the same show twice.

Tickets run $59 per person for general admission. Or, you could choose to be a King/Queen. Their specialty package offers your own regal throne with room for you and a guest, crowns to wear during the performance, snacks and drinks, and the power to make decisions during the play. Like, "Off with his head!" or, "pardon the fool." In total, the package for two costs $500, and only one is sold per show. See more here.

It certainly would be a one-of-a-kind experience, especially if you love theater. Keep in mind, this show would probably be best just for the adults.

You can see a full schedule and learn more about what to expect from The Drunk Shakespeare Society on their website or Facebook page.

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