Strictly Business, that's how Jaren Jackson describes his approach to college basketball.

It's a very mature way for a teenager to go about it and he delves deep into his recruitment process with the Players' Tribune.

His dad is an NBA champion from the late 90's and his mother is a compliance official with the NCAA.

Not only did schools scout him but apparently his dad scouted the schools. For any school that recruited Jackson Jr., Jackson Sr. was breaking down game tape and rosters from those teams to make sure all of the claims and promises from any coach or a recruiting specialist added up. His mother obviously made sure everything was by the book, it's her actual job to do that.

Jackson recalls many stories in the piece including his move to Indiana, playing in front of college coaches in an AAU tournament in Las Vegas and this story about how he ultimately decided on Michigan State.

After a lot of charts, graphs and consideration, when it came right down to it, I really wanted to win.

And not many coaches and teams in the country are better at winning games than Tom Izzo and Michigan State. Coach and his staff came to see me last September, right after he’d gotten inducted into the Hall of Fame. Sure, that made an impression but that’s not a reason for a college decision. Truth is, my game matches up with his hard-nosed style. And he’s a winner. I didn’t want to go someplace where I might score 20 points a game and be on a losing team. It just felt like a good fit.

For a kid who won a national high school championship with La Lumiere, and a championship pedigree he's got a very solid head on his shoulders. He fits the Spartan mentality that fans will absolutely love and that's good especially in the coming season where expectations will be high.

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