If you are a pro baseball pitcher, and in the last two years you have won two Cy Young Awards you are filthy rich. That's just what Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw has done. He has agreed to a $215 million dollar seven-year contract.

Clayton Kershaw is baseball's first player with a $30 million average salary. He receives the most lucrative contract for a pitcher. In this day and age, if you can win games like Kershaw has you are in the money. Kershaw would have been eligible for free agency after the upcoming season.

The Detroit Tigers are in the same situation as the Dodgers were with Max Scherzer. Max also won the Cy Young Award last season, his pay day is coming also. The Dodgers had the second highest payroll last season. Now you can add this to the list. If you work for "Magic" Johnson and you do well, you will be rewarded. Johnson is one of the Dodger owners.