Draymond Green and Charles Barkley have had their differences in the past, but they talked through them on TNT this week.

The two are part of a new show on TNT called 'The Arena' that the networked recently debuted. The show is aimed at filling the void left by the lack of live sports due to the pandemic. What better way to fill the void than with two of the biggest personalities in basketball talking through their problems?

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Chuck and Dray have never really held back when it comes to their feelings about each other, and they've sat face to face many times in the past. They are always civil, but honest, with each other when they are together. Check out the clip of the two of them talking about their relationship from The Arena below.

I love that Chuck tries to start off nice, but about 5 words in he just throws out there that Green annoys him on the court. When they ask D Wade to chime in, he wisely backs away from their conversation.

They both said their piece, and at the end of the segment both of them were extremely clear that they have no beef with each other.

Just for the record, nobody believes that. NOBODY.

These two have had so many recorded run ins with each other, including when Barkley said he wanted to punch Green. The worst part is that these to play extremely similar to each other. Green is almost a Barkley prototype, and their personalities are similar as well. They both say exactly what's on their heads, without worrying about what anyone else may think. I think down the road they may end up friends, but it will take some time to mend what's been said.

Check out the video compilation below to see what I'm talking about.


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