This will be Michigan State's head football coach Mark Dantonio's tenth year at the helm. It was a very tumultuous situation at first. Dantonio had to contend with suspensions and players from the John L. Smith era. Mark Dantonio dealt with this in a very pro-active way. But, he had made a comment that there would be a zero tolerance policy with any trouble. He had gone back with that with one situation and he took a lot of criticism. But, you live and learn.

Mark Dantonio is from Ohio and played college football at South Carolina. His coaching resume is also very impressive. Of course, he coached at MSU for around six years under former head coach Nick Saban. He then left to be the defensive coordinator for Ohio State. There under former head coach Jim Tressel they won a National Championship. So, Mark Dantonio knows what it takes to win.

Under the Dantonio era he has won a Rose Bowl, two Big Ten Championships, the Cotton Bowl and ended up in the Final Four last year. He has suffered a heart attack and some setbacks but he has endured. I really wish I knew this guy better but he seems to be a reserved head coach. All I can say is this season is days away and Michigan State football is in great hands with Dantonio.

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