Well, it's that time of year again. When all the crazy basketball fanatics say LeBron can't and won't get it done.

Since The "Chosen One's" arrival into the NBA from high school, he has been a hoop prodigy. He has cemented himself as one of the top six players in NBA history.

Like it or not, that is a fact.

LeBron James couldn't win an NBA crown in his home state, so he booked to South Florida to play hoop with his close friend D-Wade and Chris Bosh. Now four years later and two NBA championships out of three tries, the Miami Heat led by James and Wade are trying to win three in a row. This also would be four years in a row in the NBA Finals.

Bottom line is this, the Indiana Pacers are a team in disarray and the Heat will probably go back to the finals again. Maybe a team in the west can beat the Heat, but I'll tell you I can't see it happening.

Sure, the Heat don't have the best all-around team in the NBA. But what they do have is a very solid owner and a top-shelf president in Pat Riley, and a head coach who knows how to work with these kingpin NBA players in Eric Spoelstra.