Just when you think you've heard it all, you can't believe this one.

Donald Sterling, the longtime owner of the Clippers, has opened his mouth and created a firestorm across the country. Sterling allegedly was taped having a conversation with his on-again-off again mistress.This conversation was leaked to the public over the weekend and revealed the life of a racist and a world of prejudiced beliefs.

During this long conversation with this woman I will call V, Sterling is making some of the most outlandish bigotry-laden comments I've ever heard. I think Archie Bunker would have been proud of Sterling.

This has disturbed the entire NBA and country, with many appalled at his comments regarding black NBA players. This started after his girlfriend was photographed with "Magic" Johnson, who has been hurt and disappointed by Sterling's alleged remarks.

Now, "Magic", Michael, Kobe, and LeBron have said they want new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver  to move quickly with his investigation into Sterling. Even President Barack Obama called the reported remarks "incredibly offensive racist statements."

One thing that this story tells me is that racism, bigotry, and prejudiced beliefs still run rampant in this country. Now, it will be very interesting what Donald Sterling does to try and defend himself. But guess what--there is no defense fore these alleged comments.

Donald Sterling is a pathetic billionaire who needs to put the Clippers up for sale. Just pathetic!