Tom Gores, the billionaire owner of the Detroit Pistons, has to be out of his mind.

It's been reported that Hall of Fame Pistons great Isiah Thomas is rumored to be taking over for Joe DuMars, the current president of basketball operations.

This cannot happen.

As a player, Thomas is still regarded as one of the best small men who has ever played in the NBA. That being said he, is regarded as one of the worst NBA executives ever.

Lets walk back in time after his retirement from the Pistons. He was part of a group who purchased the Continental Basketball League, which ended up bankrupt. Thomas has had stints with the Toronto Raptors where he was shown the door. He had a stint with the Indiana Pacers as an executive and coach--same thing: shown the door. Then he ended up in New York, running the show with the Knicks. This time, he was sued by a female employee for sexual harassment. After that, Thomas briefly was head hoops coach at Florida International.

This guy's resume is as long as Al Capone's rap sheet. If Gores hires Thomas to run the Pistons they will really be in trouble. Listen Gores, you didn't become a Beverly Hills billionaire by being an idiot.

No way should Isiah come back in any capacity. Great player, but a lousy executive. You will go from bad to worst with this situation.