When I was growing up in my twenties and thirties, the hip thing to do was take a bus excursion to a pro ball game. They were usually put together and handled by bars, pubs or restaurants. To my credit, I organized two excursions through my family's beer garden “DeMarco’s.”

How this worked was the organizer would charge anywhere from $30-40 dollars for getting on the large bus. That would include your ticket, box lunch, and sometimes beverages. Every bus trip I have ever gone on was different too. I know this was the case for most people.

I have gone on bus trips to Tiger Stadium, The Silverdome, The Palace, Ford Field and Wrigley Field in Chicago. The camaraderie is just a blast. But now at 61 years old, I don’t think it would be the same fun experience. There were usually around 30 to 40 people too.

I thought going to Tiger Stadium was the best venue because of all the old beer gardens and history of Tiger Stadium. There were beer gardens like Hoots Food & Spirits and all the bars in Corktown. Also, you could drive to the Lindell AC which was a short drive from Tiger Stadium but was rich in sports history and folklore. I would always run into pro ballplayers there. A lot of times we could get the bus driver to take all of us there for a memorable experience.

Bus trips to ballgames are not happening now because of the Pandemic, but if you have a chance to go to a college or pro sporting event on a beer garden bus trip, take advantage of the experience. I could write a book about mine, and I might just do that.

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