I really have a hard time with today’s athletes and proven leadership. Meaning, today’s young athletes really don’t seem to have great leadership qualities.

Now, I know some people are saying, what’s he talking about? I really see a lot of today’s high school, college and pro athletes not being leaders on their teams. I really feel this is happening in sports.

I see with MSU Basketball that there are no team leaders, at least not yet. I remember a couple of months back Tom Izzo was on the Mad Dog Show and even he said I’m looking for leadership on our team. It appears they still don’t have one. That’s just an example right off the cuff.

Look at a majority of these college and pro teams; they have no true leadership.

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Getting back to MSU sports, it seems that quarterback Peyton Thorne could have strong leadership qualities for the upcoming season. Listen, I’m not picking on anyone it just seems today’s athlete is just into their own performance. I have no solid knowledge of this just the eye test.

Like I said, Coach Izzo told me this on my radio program. Look at this past Super Bowl. I feel Matthew Stafford is a leader going back to his days at Georgia and after Calvin Johnson retired he emerged as the leader of the Detroit Lions. That carried over to the Rams when he was traded there.

Look at Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. He turned into a leader after transferring to LSU and winning a National Championship. He brought those qualities to the pros. I really believe I’m on to something here.

Sure, there are young leaders in sports, just not as many. More athletes seem to worry about their stats instead of wins and leadership. The question will continue to be asked. Do today’s athletes have solid leadership qualities?

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