A Grand Rapids doctor is advising Michiganders how to disinfect your groceries after you get 'em home.

Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen says to “imagine your groceries are covered in glitter.....imagine that disinfectants and soap have the power to dissolve that glitter”. The National Institute of Health says coronavirus can live in the air for three hours, on cardboard for one day, and on plastic and metal surfaces for three days.

Dr. VanWingen's suggestions on how to disinfect your groceries:
1) Leave groceries outside for three days if possible. If not, sanitize a table before bringing groceries inside.
2) Establish a dirty side and a clean side of the table. Place groceries on the dirty side, and after the items are sanitized, place them on the clean side.
3) Use a disinfectant spray or wipe. Disinfect plastic, glass and metal packaging.
4) Throw away packaging like cardboard boxes that have plastic bags inside (the inner plastic bags should be OK without disinfectant).
5) Bread or chips can be dumped into clean plastic containers without touching them, or you can just disinfect their packaging.
6) Clean fruits and vegetables that are not bought in plastic bags by dumping them into (hot) soapy water, wash & scrub each piece for 20 seconds.
7) All grocery bags should be thrown out.

Also, coronavirus doesn’t live long in hot food, but packaging could be contaminated. It can live in frozen foods for long periods of time - freezers should not be considered a safe zone and those packages should be disinfected.

Check out the complete Mlive article by CLICKING HERE.

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