It remains to be seen if the Detroit Lions will actually hire competent management to hire a coach that could pump some hope back into a fan base that has lost all hope.

I REALLY want them to hire Dick LeBeau in some fashion. He was a genius defensive mind and played for the Lions for 14 years. He is old but I like to call that experienced. I am saying he could be like a advisor to the President Rod "Limp" Wood. Also, Chris Spielman would be a good advisor. I believe they need to dig into their history and welcome back former star players to play a role in the future of the organization. This is what successful teams do. But this is the Lions.

Do you know the Lions mascot's nickname? It's Roary. The franchise began back in Ohio in 1930 and they were known as... THE SPARTANS! In 1934, they were sold and relocated to Detroit where they became the Lions to compliment the Tigers. The same year the Lions tradition of playing on Thanksgiving Day was born. THey have played every Thanksgiving since 1934, except during World War II.

It's been a long time since the Lions have won a championship (1957) let alone a playoff game. Back in 1991, I was there to see it. Hopefully the commitment to mediocrity is over and an era of watchable Lions football is born... But this is the Lions.

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