The device was made by a high school shop class in Petoskey and it amplifies the natural sounds around you.

It's said to be the only nature megaphone in the US, and it's located just east of I-75 in the Pigeon River State Forest.

When you climb inside the megaphone, the natural sounds around you are amplified so you can enjoy them better. The river, small animals, the rustling of leaves all come alive inside the nature megaphone.

It's off the beaten path a bit along a hiking trial, but the trail is easy to locate off of I-75.

Take exit 310 off I-75 (theIndian River exit), then take M-68 east 4½ miles. Turn left onto Old Onaway Rd. Go north on Old Onaway Rd and turn right on Riverwood Trail. You will see the parking area at the intersection with Big Sky Trail. Park in front of split rail fence.

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