Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh probably didn't find MSU Coach Mark Dantonio's recent dig at Michigan too funny.

It's no secret MSU coach Mark Dantonio has bested Michigan football more often than not during his tenure at MSU.

During press comments after MSU's selection to the Holiday Bowl, Dantonio announced his plans to continue Spartan dominance over his in-state rival.

"I'll just continue to concentrate on beating Michigan and let things sort of sort out," Dantonio remarked when discussing how he felt about the Spartans playing in San Diego.

Harbaugh found an excuse to subtweet his East Lansing rival.

In true Harbaugh manner, he covered all of his bases in this masterpiece. Let's look at this piece by piece.

First, notice how the quotation marks around "focus" and "he" imply Dantonio's inability to keep his team focused on football.

The not-so-subtleties in the first sentence flow into the second sentence like an Ohio State lineman into the Michigan backfield. Harbaugh couldn't help but mention the "off field issues" the Spartan program had to deal with during the off season.

For the finale, Harbaugh finished it all off with an earnest "Good for BIG to have him back". That one probably stings the most, purely because MSU's team more or less disappeared during the 2016 season.

The one thing Harbaugh should keep in mind, though, is that part of MSU's 2017 journey to flip it's record including a big win at the Big House.

They say you shouldn't throw stones. Tweeting them is probably okay, though.

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