Michigan State's lucrative partnership with FOX Sports is off to a rough start.

On Wednesday, MSU coach Mark Dantonio appears to have hung up on FOX Sports Radio Daybreak hosts Andy Furman and Mike North after they asked him questions of dubious pertinence. The hosts spent much of the rest of their show criticizing Dantonio for the perceived slight.

Odder yet, FOX Sports Radio's official Twitter account tweeted several messages that seemed to have an agenda against the Spartans. And drawing even more questions to the situation, those tweets were later deleted.

Here they are in screenshot form:

And then later on Wednesday, Furman issued this non-apology via Twitter:

But that's not the end of the weirdness. As it turns out, Furman and Dantonio have a preexisting working relationship:

So what exactly happened here in the aftermath of Dantonio's run-in with Furman and North? Does FOX Sports Radio employ a Michigan fan at the helm of their social media operations, and was that person reprimanded for denigrating FOX Sports' $150-million partner?

And is that new relationship between MSU and FOX Sports strained after this?