Hello dedicated Detroit Tiger fans.  When was the last time you attended a home game at beautiful Comerica Park?

It's been a long time coming that's for sure.  This week, the Detroit Tigers will have more than 8,000 fans for the first time since 2019 for a home baseball game.

It's make all of us feel like things are staring to get back to normal.  The coronavirus pandemic basically put a lockdown on most, if not all sporting events.

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According to mlive.com:

"It feels normal, which is what baseball is supposed to feel like this time of year." said Tigers manager A.J Hinch.  "We've seen it in a couple of places on the road where the fans are starting to grow and the buzz in the ballpark is starting to grow a little bit louder.  We'd like to feel that at home."

My wife and I are planning on going to several Detroit Tiger baseball games this summer because we are huge fans of the Tigers.

The Tigers may not be the best pro baseball team in their division right now, but give them a couple more years and they will be a rock solid winning team with no doubt about it.

There's nothing better than watching a baseball game at Comerica Park.  The screaming fans, eating hotdogs, cheering on your favorite players, and an ice cold beer tops it all off.

Mlive.com also adds:

Last year, the Detroit Tigers played in an empty Comerica Park with piped in artificial crowd noise that started soft and got louder as the game went on.

And now we're over 8,000 fans at Comerica Park.  Things are looking up in the sports world!

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