Well you may or may not agree that the Red Wings will be at least fun to watch during another rebuild year but you're probably going to be in the minority on that call. According to ESPN's annual "Most Watched Teams" list (and it ain't pretty) ESPN's Greg Wyshynski ranked the Red Wings dead last. 31 out of 31...ouch!

Here's the blueprint ESPN used to score and rank our beloved Red Wings.

Each team was rated on a scale from 1-to-10 in categories that included:

Star power (The number of stars or compelling players on team)

Secondary plot lines (what makes this team memorable)

Controversy quotient (what kind of chaos could this team create)

Fun factor (What kind of entertainment value can the team bring)

Aesthetics (What kind of swagger and looks does this team bring to the ice)

The scores are tallied into an overall watchability rating. Unfortunately, the Wings never rank higher than a 5 in any category - hence their last place finish. Here's how ESPN summarized their findings:

"The Red Wings' rebuild will continue as morale improves," Wyshynski writes. "Due respect to Dylan Larkin, but this remains a franchise in search of a focal point player. Are we interested in seeing how Filip Zadina develops and how Bobby Ryan continues on his journey? Sure. Are we interested in seeing the Red Wings on most nights of a truncated season? No. Great jerseys, though."-ESPN

I'm a mild fan right now but I see more and more new blood coming into the organization that I'm excited to see develop. I think there is a good small core group to keep an eye on as the season unfolds. I guess what I'm saying is I think the Wings will be a better watch toward the end of the season than probably at the beginning of the season. What do you think?

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