Trade rumors have been swirling around Derek Rose, and this weekend the Detroit Pistons pulled the trigger.

It was announced that the Pistons and Knicks agreed on terms to send Derek Rose to New York for Dennis Smith Jr and a second round draft pick in 2021. This is the second stint with the Knicks for Rose, and he is reunited with his former Bulls coach, Tom Thibodeau. The trade happened during a very busy sports weekend, so it didn't get much attention at all.

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Derek Rose has had a resurgence in Detroit over the last couple of years. He's obviously not the Derek Rose that took the NBA by storm with the Bulls, but he's been extremely productive for the Pistons. Most people thought that he would be traded after Detroit drafted a point guard in the 2021 draft, but he stayed with the team to mentor Hayes.

It was only a matter of time for Rose in Detroit though as the team made it more than clear that they were going younger. The next big trade that Pistons fans can expect is a deal for Blake Griffin, that could be announced at any time.

So who did the Pistons get for Rose?

Dennis Smith Jr is coming to Detroit, but don't expect much fanfare. Smith has been fairly unproductive in the NBA, and actually asked to be sent to the Knicks G-League team earlier this year to get some quality playing time.

The Pistons are happy to continue to get younger, and having the extra draft pick is never a bad thing. It just sucks to see the business of the NBA and how players never really get rewarded. Rose came to Detroit knowing that the team was rebuilding, and still gave everything he had to the team. He put up great numbers, and voluntarily decided to come off the bench when the Pistons wanted to get Hayes into the starting lineup. Rose has been a class act, and we wish him nothing but the best in New York.


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