This new look Detroit Pistons NBA team is looking very good. They have made significant changes, since Stan Van Gundy was hired to coach and run the franchise. Van Gundy took a rotten team and has done a solid job so far.

The new look Pistons will have a long way to go to match the personality of the" Bad Boys". If you're too young to know who they were, let me tell you they epitomized greatness. Led by their head coach, the late Chuck Daly, and captain Isiah Thomas, this team won back to back NBA crowns in the late '80s. This team was absolute fire and brimstone. Pure toughness all they way around.

It didn't matter if it was offense or defense, this team would fight and scrap with you. This team really fought with the showtime Lakers led by "Magic" and Kareem and the Boston Celtics led by the iconic Larry Bird. This team helped mold Michael Jordan into the player he was, because he had to be tougher.

Names like, Laimbeer, DuMars, Edwards, Vinnie, Aguirre, And of course Dennis Rodman. All of these names help mold the legend of the one and only "Bad Boys."

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