There's a fine line between wrestling and football and the guy who calls himself J. Swagg Daddy just crossed it.

Jamaal Williams Has Been One Of The Break Out Stars Of HBO's 'Hard Knocks'

The former Green Bay Packer, who has been competing with D'Andre Swift for time in the Lions backfield this season, has become a star thanks to his emotional displays on the HBO series 'Hard Knocks'.

'Hard Knocks' has been documenting the Lions training camp in Allen Park as the team tries to turn around four consecutive losing seasons.

Williams first got on the show's radar when he openly wept while professing love for his teammates in a practice ending pep talk.

Williams Has Long Been A Fan Favorite

Patrolling the sidelines, always giving attention to fans who call him out, Jamaal has won over the hearts of long suffering Lions. Now he needs to win over their minds, hopefully by spearheading a winning season.

Williams Slipped Into His Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Voice While Calling Out The NFL

In his most recent escapade, Williams went into full on wrestling mode with a faithful Macho Man take while telling the League the Lions may be for real this season.

Complete with a championship belt, Williams assumed his J. Swagg Daddy character and called out the entire league. I absolutely love it!

But I'll love it even more if J. Swagg and his teammates can back up what has been a very hopeful training camp. God, I hope so. We've been losing WAY too long.

If nothing else, this team seems to enjoy life, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

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