There's no one I feel more sorry for than a Detroit Lions Fan. These people have had to anguish through tough season after tough season. The Lions are the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. They have stunk the place up since the 1950s.

The Detroit Lions were purchased by William Clay Ford in the early 1960s. This franchise has no NFL Championships or Super Bowl appearances since the Fords have owned the team. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that this team has smelled forever. I always say the fish rots from the head down. Mr. Ford with all due respect passed on in the offseason. Now his son took over running the club. Bill Ford Jr. is now the main man.

The Lions find themselves 7-2, their best record since 1993 and in first place. They have a first-year head coach with experience and a lot of stability. His name is Jim Caldwell. They also have a first year offensive coordinator named Joe Lombardi, that's right grandson of the iconic Vince Lombardi.

Could it be the moons are aligned in the right place and the Detroit Lions could go deep in the playoffs? I am not sure yet, but I know one thing: Lions fans have been waiting for a winner for over 50 years.