The Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, and Lions have all agreed to partner with Michigan Secretary of State to help out with the November elections.

This makes Detroit the first city to have all of the major pro sports organizations commit to helping with the elections this fall. Each of the organizations has pledged to use their facilities in different ways to help this fall. From training to polling, to ballot drop off locations, they are all stepping up to help.

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The Detroit Red Wings have announced that Little Caesars Arena will be used as a training facility for election workers. More than 6,000 incoming workers will use LCA as a training venue over the next two months leading up to the November elections.

The Detroit Tigers are committing Comerica Park to be a ballot drop off location for voters who are voting absentee.

The Detroit Lions are going to serve as a receiving board for ballots on November 3rd according to their press release.

Ford Field will play a direct role in protecting the integrity of Detroit's elections and supporting the administration of the November 3 election by serving as a location where election workers will deliver ballots and equipment after precincts close to be secured in case needed after Election Day. Ford Field will host eight of the city's 12 receiving boards, which are independent boards established to ensure the secure transmission of elections results and ballots voted in person at election precincts.

The Detroit Pistons are also assisting with election night duties by opening up the Pistons Performance Center, along with a number of other things. You can see the Pistons voting initiative here.

All four organizations will also use their social media platforms to help spread the word about voting. They will focus on the importance of voting, and help people get registered to vote if they are not already.


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