Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today her department was opening an investigation into how Michigan State handled complaints against ex-doctor Larry Nassar.

According to a Betsy DeVos press release, this investigation will look into systemic issues that allowed Nassar to continue his habits.

MSU is already under Dept. of Education investigation stemming from an Obama inquiry into how it has handled sexual assault cases.

DeVos' announcement means the DOE's Office of Civil Rights team will join it's Federal Student Aid team already in East Lansing.

The release acknowledged DeVos' appreciation for interim president John Engler's stated interest in compliance with all investigations currently taking place on campus.

"I appreciated seeing acting President Engler's directive to the entire University to cooperate fully with our—and with all—inquiries into the University's actions. We expect MSU's full and complete disclosure about its actions to protect students from sexual assault," the statement reads.

Larry Nassar is currently serving a 175-year sentence in a federal prison in Tuscon, Arizona.



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