Well, it's finally in: the 200 plus pages about how the New England Patriots deflated footballs to the liking of superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

Brad, has denied any knowledge of this. But the needle is pointing in the direction he did.

This deflategate surfaced right before the Super Bowl, which the Patriots won. Now, in May this document of investigation has surfaced. This is all speculation, because no one has ever seen or photographed Brady deflating the football. But people very close to the situation say Brady was behind all of it.

My opinion is this: the NFL has been around for many years. I am sure many quarterbacks have messed with the air pressure of footballs. To me it isn't a big deal. But to many football fans it is. To many it is blatant cheating. \

The rules definitely state the PSI or pressure per square inch has to be the same in every football. That means every game. So now, because Tom Brady is such a high-profile player and the Pats have become America's team they are the bad guys. Their head coach Bill Belichick has already been in big trouble with the NFL for illegally taping other teams' practices.

So we will find out soon what Tom Brady's and the Pats' punishment will be.