David Price now is one of the starting pitchers for the Toronto Blue Jays. Yesterday he made his debut with his new team, and threw a gem. ;He won the game after throwing 119 pitches and striking out 11 batters.

Price was with the Detroit Tigers for almost one full year, he won 13 games out of 30 starts. Last season he threw a one hitter and list one to nothing. To me David Price is one of the best left handed pitchers in the game.

David Price was obtained by the Tiger's last season at the trade deadline. They didn't get to the World Series, but did win their division. Price, will be a free agent after this year's World Series. The Tiger's were forced to trade him last week and got the best offer from the Blue Jays. Detroit sent David Price north for three top flight minor league hurlers. Norris pitched Sunday for Detroit and threw a four hitter through about eight innings.

The Tiger's are now stock piling young arms to bolster their farm system for the future and next year. Price will be missed but he will be trying to get a Max Scherzer contract in the off season.

David Price is an excellent pitcher out of Vanderbilt and the Tiger's will miss him but it's now time to move on and prepare for the future.