There are few athletes loved by their fan base more than David Ortiz. Whether it's the Boston community or the people from the Dominican Republic, "Big Papi" is loved. The news of Ortiz being shot in the Dominican Republic is shocking and frightening. Thanks to TMZ Sports we now have video of the shooting to help us all wrap our brains around the assault.

In the video you can see the attacker walk up and shoot Ortiz in the back at point blank range. According to

Ortiz's media assistant, Leo Lopez, told ESPN's Enrique Rojas that Ortiz is stable but still in intensive care.

"Doctors say he is out of danger, but he is heavily sedated and will be in intensive care for the next 24 hours," Lopez said.

Police have now confirmed that one of the two suspects was apprehended by a group of citizens. Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia is allegedly one of the two men who pulled up on a motorcycle, shot Ortiz and then tried to get back on the motorcycle to escape. The bike fell over and the video below show a mob of people hitting and detaining suspect one until police arrived. Warning this video contains violence.

Leo Lopez also gave the latest update on "Big Papi's health status:

"Doctors say that David is out of danger, thank God," Ortiz's father, Leo Ortiz, told ESPN. "What they have told me post-op is that the doctors believe he will recover quickly."

Leo Ortiz added: "Big Papi will be around for a long time.''

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