So, now we know who the Spartans will be playing in the second playoff series in college football history.

MSU will be playing the Crimson Tide of Alabama. This will be a much-anticipated match up and this is why.

The Crimson Tide are engineered by their head coach the iconic Nick Saban. Nick was at MSU many years ago as the Spartan head coach. One of his assistant coaches was Mark Dantonio, who left MSU to be the defensive coordinator at Ohio State. There he helped them win a National Championship.

Dantonio then bolted to Cincinnati and then to MSU. Saban on the other hand left MSU to go to LSU then the Miami Dolphins,then Alabama. Nick Saban has won four National Championships. He has carved his name in the history books as one of the greatest head coaches in college football history.

So, this how I size this up. It will be the teacher versus the pupil. Because Dantonio was on Saban's staff . Then in 2011 Alabama crushed MSU 49-7 in a bowl game. Saban beat Dantonio like a rented mule.

Also, to add to this intriguing story, Bobby Williams is on the Alabama staff. Of course, Williams was head coach at MSU after Saban had gone to LSU. Bobby Williams tenure at MSU was a disaster. He was ultimately fired. So Saban and Williams want to crush MSU and move on to the College Football Championship game.

But this year will be different. Dantonio has a much different team.