What is funnier than Michigan State's record in 2016? There are rumors that Notre Dame is interested in Mark Dantonio according to Jason McIntyre of the Big Lead.

Notre Dame has their plate full dealing with a 4-8 record and an academic scandal regarding some of their football players. One move that could really heat up Dantonio's departure would be Brian Kelly actually leaving Notre Dame, which he may do on his own terms according to ESPN.

There may be a chance for Dantonio to creep out East Lansing's back door but let's be real, a coach coming off a 3-9 record isn't going to garner this kind of attention in the coaching carousel. There is no denying he brought Michigan State football to extreme heights in 2015 and to an extreme low in 2016, but it's all about the now. During his three straight seasons of 11-wins you can assume he was being contacted by other programs but he chose to stick around.

There are still some domino that would need to fall for this to be a realistic move but don't hold your breath.