Les Miles was fired on Sunday, making the LSU Tigers in the market for a head coach for the first time in over a decade.

With a move like this occurring midseason it may be a while until we get the actual replacement for Miles. However, that hasn't stopped writers from all over the country speculating on who would replace him and, believe it or not, Mark Dantonio is a frequent name mentioned on these lists.

Baton Rouge Advocate's Scott Rablais has him first (in alphabetical order) on his list.

CBS Sports' Tom Fornelli describes Dantonio as "The Holy Crap I Didn't See That Coming Choice"

Fornelli's hastily written paragraph says Dantonio would want to leave because he shares a Big Ten East division with Urban Meyer and a re-surging program led by Jim Harbaugh, so something about overcrowding is what we're guessing he was going for. He even calls it "a home run hire" for LSU if they can make it happen.

This is extremely flawed logic because moving to LSU would mean sharing a division with Nick Saban, Hugh Freeze and Kevin Sumlin among others. If the amount of nationally prominent coaches would scare Dantonio out of the Big Ten why would he go to a place more crowded by them?

Rablais' article doesn't have any actual Dantonio specific facts, he says mostly that the move needs the right experience, and for money to be no object. It's worth noting that LSU did in fact poach the last head coach the Spartans had of any prominence in Nick Saban (who is mentioned in the article). He points out it's been almost 30 years since an LSU football coach was promoted to head coach from within the program.

The Detroit Free Press nails Dantonio's sentiment before he even gets a chance to respond to the questioning. Mitch Albom sat down with Dantonio where this quote seems to give the Spartan faithful comfort.

"Dantonio admits he's not going anywhere. The NFL has never appealed to him ("I never played in it."). And no other school could turn his head. He likes the honesty of telling a recruit's parents, "I'll be there for your son four years from now" and meaning it."

Dantonio's arrival over a decade ago and the football program's subsequent rise to prominence has had Dantonio on many different lists to take over as the head coach, including for his alma mater South Carolina last year after Steve Spurrier left.

As Dantonio has shown time and time again, East Lansing is the place he wants to be and until we hear otherwise, its safe to assume Dantonio is staying a Spartan.