Michigan State's head football coach really made a believer out of me this year. After, a horrible season last year. Where the Spartan's were 3-9 last season and flat out stunk. This team had a lot of internal problems on and off the field. Last season, was absolutely unbelievable. No one thought that the Spartan's could bounce back like they did this year.

This year was truly fun to cover and experience. The Spartan's ended up 9-3 overall and should go to a New Year's Bowl in Florida. Michigan State had certain players standout with not much experience. They lost to Notre Dame , Northwestern and Thee Ohio State. But, ended up in the top twenty five in all of all of college football.

Mark Dantonio, has proved and solidified he is one top flight coach in the country. He is very dangerous when you write him off and under estimate him. The turnaround MSU had this year was simply greatness. This coach came under a lot of scrutiny and criticism. Dantonio, doesn't look for the glitz and popularity. He seems to get the most out of undervalued recruits.

All I can say is that this head coach has made a total believer out of me. The Spartan's will go to a solid bowl game. But, next year expectations will be much higher with a solid core of players.

Michigan State v Maryland
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