Mark Dantonio was his usual stoic self after the Spartans were handed their third straight loss (second at home), by BYU 31-14 Saturday. During his press conference after however, he wouldn't commit to Tyler O'Connor after benching him late in the game in favor of Damion Terry.

"I don't want a quarterback controversy" Dantonio said. "But we needed to make a change for the sake of change, I don't think Damion Terry went in there and lost the football game."

The two quarterbacks in question seemed to echo Dantonio's sentiments, that they don't want controversy yet they're not sure who is starting next week vs. Northwestern.

Dantonio had other thoughts on why the game slipped away from MSU Saturday, and it wasn't all quarterback play. Namely lack of defensive prowess.

Defensive Coordinator Harlon Barnett felt the same way

The Spartans are now in the middle of a three game losing streak, the first time that has happened since 2009. Michigan State has never missed out on bowl season under Mark Dantonio (9 straight years), that streak could be in jeopardy if something isn't figured out.