Whenever the Tigers play interleague in National League ballparks, Tigers fans always seem to learn something new, mostly about their pitchers. I'm talking of course about their hitting abilities.

Whether or not you agree with the split rule across Major League Baseball of using the designated hitter it's always fascinating to watch what American League pitchers do when thrown into the batters box.

Most could be like Justin Verlander who is 2-32 all time and took until last year to get a hit as a major league player.

Pitchers can pleasantly surprise, like Buck Farmer did last night notching his first career hit in his first career at-bat.

And then there's the absolutely shocking feat that Daniel Norris did last night. Norris, who is scheduled to start for Detroit tonight at Wrigley against the Cubs, took some batting practice yesterday to get warmed up presumably for a few at-bats tonight.

Bunting? Dribblers? Soft line drives? Not for the van-man. He crushes the cover when he gets the chance.

Don't believe it? Look at this picture from Wrigley, notice Sanchez (yesterday's starter) on the probable board underneath verifying the date.

Your bad indeed Norris, you should have saved it for the game! One can only hope that he at least ran to the dugout like he broke a neighbor's window playing in his backyard after he did it, it's a time-honored tradition.

Still, it should be fun to watch Daniel Norris' first at-bats as a major league player tonight. He goes at 8:05 eastern time trying to get win number three on the year. Catch all the action on 1240 WJIM tonight with Dan and Jim. Pregame starts at 7:45.

EDIT: He hits a home run in his first at-bat.