Many of us used to go to high school dances: after-game dances & proms...and some of us even danced. The rest just sat in the bleachers and watched their favorite crushes gyrate on the dance floor. The noise coming from the group of bleacher guys were usually laughter or rude sounds...the noise from the group of bleacher girls were giggles and an occasional "ew!' 

So is it true?
Do males only dance because females do? That was the scuttlebutt back in the day. No guy in our group liked dancing...but then we'd see him on the floor dancing after being asked by a pretty teenybopper...

I remember my first slow dance at an after-game dance. Man I was terrible. I hope I got better over the years - if not, at least I got more comfortable.

Then there were the kids whose parents forced 'em to go to dancing class or dancing school. Did they end up enjoying it or did they forever hold a grudge?

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Many, many years ago, more than likely the early 1990s up to the 1940s, there were dance marathons. Couples would continuously dance...nonstop...for hours. They occasionally got a pee break or a few moments to eat, but back on the floor they went. Some collapsed, some were taken to the hospital, and the last couple standing was the winner.

There's no point to this script, except to say dancing has been around for thousands of years or longer. There are always new twists on it with each generation, and it's a good way to let off steam and de-stress. The gallery below shows many Michigan dancers from the early 1900s up to the 1940s, with one exception being 1966 (wait'll you see that one!).

So enjoy the gallery, then as soon as you come home after a long day, grab your partner and do some slow dancin' right there in the kitchen...

Dancing In Michigan, 1900-1940s


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