I don’t think I will get anyone to disagree with me on the fact that customer service in this country is consistently awful. It doesn’t matter what area or business you're calling or dealing with, you are probably having a problem.

For example, no disrespect to the Lansing State Journal, but this is exactly what I’m talking about. My mother in law lives in an assisted living facility in Acworth, Georgia. She is 86 years old and doesn’t need the LSJ. My wife has cancelled this subscription at least five times without any success. Plus, the customer service is in another country. After she contacted the credit card company to not accept any charges from the LSJ, it stopped. But they did try to charge it again.

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Everyone in this country gets absolutely frustrated, mad, disappointed and just livid with any various areas of customer service. You will be on the phone with one person and not get satisfaction.Then with another call you might get satisfaction. It’s hit or miss to get your problem or question answered or solved. There has to be something done!

But don’t hold your breath. Let’s say you have to cancel a hotel reservation. You might think it’s cancelled but is it really? I had a problem with this. Everyone goes through Hell when dealing with customer service on the phone or in person.

Bottom line, customer service has gone to pot. With no silver lining in the future. When you call for customer service, you better be prepared and visualize you will get no satisfaction! This will never get fixed...ever!

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