The Chicago Cubs cut the cake last night in Pittsburgh. The Cubs beat the Pirates in their own park. The score was 4-0. It was a great game but there was controversy.

Outstanding pitcher for the Cubs Jake Arrieta hit two Pirate players during last night's contest. So, the Pirate reliever hit Arrieta when he got up to bat later in the game. Then both benches emptied and an all-out brawl almost happened. No one was blindsided.

After a while, cooler heads prevailed and the Cubs ended up winning the game.

This was a major victory for the Cubs nation. For over a hundred years the Chicago Cubs have not been in the World Series. They have flat out just stunk. But now, there is a couple of new sheriffs in town. These cats are Theo Epstein the Cubs GM and first year manager Joe Madden, who came over from Tampa. These two men along with a cast of outstanding new talent like Bryant, Rizzo, and Addison have been solid.

The Cubs have been so bad for so long. They accumulated great draft picks, and picked up journeyman players who renewed their careers. All I can say is If the Cubs go to this year's Worlds Series, the Billy Goat and Steve Bartman are smiling somewhere. This could be a great feel good story.